About Bravepath

It’s impossible. The bold new plan you pitched to your boss. Your goal to double the size of your team this year. The dream job in Silicon Valley you’re interviewing for next week. You keep hearing all the reasons it won’t work … from the critic inside your own head. We’ve been there. And we’ve learned that success in technology requires a lot more than technical chops. Getting the most out of yourself and your team demands self awareness, emotional intelligence, and the courage to punch fear in the face and make big decisions. We call that taking the brave path. And we’re here to help you find it.
Meet The Team
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Meet the Team

We have the t-shirts to prove it

When we say we've been there and done that, we really have been there and done that. The companies below are not clients. BravePath team members have a history of working at these companies as employees on projects of the enormous scale.